Reedeming the Time

“Be careful, how you live–not as unwise but as wise. Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.”
Ephesians 5:14-17

Concerning, “Redeeming the time“, there is a difference between times and seasons. A “time” is a general idea of a duration (such as an age or era), and a “season” can be as specific as to the very day, with a set beginning and a set end. The harvest season for a known region for example, can be as precise as the weather and only vary by about a week, if at all. That is the idea behind, “In due season ye shall reap if ye faint not.” It is not a harvest to come in a general future, but it will come at a set date, most probable to meet a specific need.

In the word “redeeming,” a metaphor is drawn from the conduct of a purchaser who goes into the market and there secures a price for that which he desires to possess. Life is opportunity. One is given a time to go and purchase whatever he or she desires to possess. But be careful, a thousand years to us is but a day to the Lord. So our life is just a short season to the Lord with a set beginning and end. To us however, it is a time, a general duration of which the end is unknown.

We should also take note that time only goes forward, it never goes backward. Each day and every passing second is a moment that we cannot get back. Psalms 139 says that the Lord saw and wrote in His book, each day of our lives before we were even born. Therefore, everyday He has a specific purpose for us to fulfill. A day is like a door with a one-sided knob, it can be opened to go through, but once it’s shut you can never open it again. If we fail to achieve His plans for that day, I believe He is merciful and faithful to help us fulfill the overall purpose. His mercies are new every morning! If we messed up yesterday, praise God we can try again today! However, I also believe that He is rigid and just and the rewards of those opportunities that were set for that exact day, once lost, can be lost forever.

Proverbs says, “a word spoken at the right time is as a golden apple set in pictures of silver.” Perhaps if you miss your timing and you repent, God may be merciful to still give you golden apples, but you will certainly lose the pictures of silver. God is faithful to His Word and He faithfully rewards the promptly obedient servant, as delayed obedience is disobedience.

So to redeem the time is to purchase the time. I promise that a purchase will take place no matter what it is that you seek to possess. You will give the efforts and passions of your life to something. What you “possess” in the end is another question.

I find it interesting that there is no hebrew verb in the Bible to express “to have”, to express that we are even capable of possessing anything! It is all an illusion. Someone in the world might bring me the title deed to their house to prove to me that they own it, to show me that they worked hard for it. I could argue that they still do not possess it. To possess something implies that you have the power to keep it forever or as long as you will. A storm may come tomorrow and wash your house away and there is nothing in your power to stop it. Whether you want to give something away, lose it, have it stolen, hold on to it until it corrodes, or until you die; it’s departure from your stewardship is certain.

However, there are some things that we have been given power, divine permission, to possess. They are not earthly and they cannot be seen with the natural eye. The person of the world might call me crazy for arguing that he doesn’t possess his home, of which he can present the address and title deed to. He would also say that I am crazy to claim that which cannot be seen for my possession. God tells us about incorruptible things that we can possess. Therefore, if I can possess it then I can purchase them now, attain them now, and keep them forever. We must remember who holds all the power and where ours comes from. That man’s title deed to his house is power to him, which could foreclose tomorrow. The Word of God is power to me. The entire Earth will one day pass away and time will fold up and end, but not one word of scripture will ever cease. You can call me crazy, but I will say that’s all a matter of perspective. I choose to agree with God, who is the ultimate authority in the universe.

This life is opportunity. We are given time to go and purchase whatever we desire to have for our possession. The time is certain, it will pass whether you use it wisely or not. The sluggard will not plow today because it is cold, therefore at harvest time he will beg and have nothing. The purchase is also certain. Your time will be spent putting your energy and passions into possessing something whether or not you know a purchase took place. What you decide to purchase is up to you. I strongly suggest that one soberly contemplate the marketplace for that which is eternal. Secure the price and count the cost. The time is short, the purchase is sure, but eternity is not. Occasion has a door, those outside who did not buy, may beat on the door; but the shut door will only answer,too late, too late, the door is shut.


Your worth

The truth about God and all of His creation is constantly berated by this world. The god of this world hates you. You were so uniquely and specially made. There is just not a very good word to describe our uniqueness in the English language. In the past, when scripture mentioned it, I would think we were being described as odd, or weird, because He said we are a peculiar people. But now I understand that there is not a good word to describe our singular, distinct, sole, and unmatched creation. The devil has no claim to your rights that he is so jealous of. Like the thief that he is, his only tactic is to lie to you in order to steal them from you. And so, the world often is blinded from seeing the true value of human life. This is evident in the many wicked deeds of man, such as: Hitler’s plan to commit genocide, hateful muslim’s schemes to bomb multitudes, mass shootings, serial killers, etc. Life in general is sorely taken for granted and hidden by our frailty. Even animal abuse is a sad devaluation of life. God loves all of His creation and values life dearly. The story of Balaam’s donkey in Numbers proves that God cares so much, even for the life of animals. Look, I love this story!

The Lord kept telling Balaam not to go with  the servants of Balak because they were bribbing him to curse God’s people. God said no, don’t curse them, they are blessed. But he got up, saddled his donkey and went with them and it angered the Lord. So the Lord sent an angel to stand in his pathway to block his way and his donkey saw the angel and the sword in the angel’s hand. So the donkey turned into a field and Balaam beat her to force her back into the way they were going. So the angel stood again in another path, this time with a wall on each side so the donkey could not turn aside. So when the donkey saw the angel in the way, she turned to the wall and it smashed Balaam’s foot between the wall. So he beat her again. Now a third time the angel stood again in their path and this time even more narrow so that there was no where to turn, to the right or the left. When the donkey saw the angel she fell down under Balaam and he beat her again with his staff. So the Lord finally opened her mouth so that the donkey said to Balaam, “What have I done to you for you to beat me these three times?” And Balaam answered her, “Because you mock me. I wish I had a sword, I would kill you!” She said, “Haven’t I always been your donkey that you ride? Do I ever act this way?” Balaam said, “No.” And his eyes were opened by the Lord to see the angel in the way with a sword drawn in his hand. Balaam fell down on his face in fear. The angel said to him, “Why have you beaten your donkey this three times? I stood in your way because your way is wrong. Your donkey saw me with a sword and turned away three times, if she had not done so, I surely would have killed you and saved her life!” Balaam repented.

Oh, how I wish this would happen with all God’s creatures that are mistreated! All life is so valuable and God sees how we treat all living creation [not just eachother], which that in itself is badly neglected. God is not hasty, all will be revealed in due time, until then His mercies are available and we must make them known, thank God!

So what is your worth? We think that God and His gifts are our inheritance. This is true! But Ephesians says that we are God’s inheritance. We are His prized possession and we are bought with a price. He forsook His glorious throne, stripped Himself of His title as Supreme ruler of the universe [God] and made Himself like a man, a lowly servant to all sinful man in the flesh; His name Jesus Christ. He bore every one of our sins and pain in His body, abused, rejected, and shamed on the cross.

Imagine the person that you love the most in life. Would you die for them? Some think this is a hard task, but many say, “Oh, I would take a bullet for you!” There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your brother. Would you endure the most painful death ever designed, crucifixion for them? Would you go to hell for them? Jesus did for you. He knew He had to go there and He had to have faith that God would not leave Him there! Wow! That becomes hard for us to be honest with ourselves about. That is amazing love. I simply ask so you can try to fathom God’s love for you. Crucifixion wasn’t designed to kill a person, but to humiliate and torment them until they eventually died. The actual cause of death I think was probably different for each case, but more than likely, most suffocated. I have studied that many hung for about 3 days before they actually died. When Joseph went before the Governor and asked Pilate for the body of Jesus, he marveled that Jesus had already died. Jesus only hung on the cross for 6 hours, from 9am to 3pm. Pilate wanted to make sure he was dead before promising his body for burial, so he sent a soldier to make sure. Many believe that this is when and why a Roman soldier took a spear and pierced His side, because Pilate sent someone to make sure He was dead. The Roman soldier came back and said, yes He is dead. Jesus was severely beaten and marred beyond the resemblance of a human being so I believe he died from blood loss and shock once He permitted it to take Him. But many crucified were not beaten so badly, so it took a long time for them to die. The arms being hung out so wide was painful and would break bones in the wrist, the muscles would stretch and sockets would come out of place, lengthening the arm span by inches. This being so painful would make one want to put pressure on the feet, but they would nail the feet together at a 45 degree angle so that pressure would cause the bones to break in the legs. This is why God promised before hand in scripture that not one of Jesus’s bones would be broken. So this would be excruciating for a person, but not enough to kill them. The over-stretching of the body and chest however would make it difficult for one to breathe out, to the point where all they can do is take in little sips of air and eventually suffocate.

Now. Knowing all of this, would you endure this death for the person you love? I only ask so you can try to understand what great love God has for us! The bible says, “it pleased God to bruise Jesus” for us; He loves us so. Jesus knew everything He would endure, this is why the prayers of consecration in the garden of Gethsemane were so difficult for Him that He sweat blood.

The Supreme ruler of the universe, the Father of glory, stepped down from His glory to suffer this death for you, specifically and uniquely you. The bible says that He knew you, all of us, before He even made the Earth. He knew your name, your purpose, His plans for you, how many hairs are on your head, the color of your eyes, the intensity of His desire to have a relationship with you [specifically and intimately], and what that intimate relationship would mean to Him and even cost Him. He values you above His own life. This was so hard for me to grasp due to the absolute weakness and fallen state of our earthly vessels. My utter lack of talent, poor self-esteem, and no worth in life made it hard to see that hidden truth. But our worth is found in Him, we must believe it! You must see how much more His glory is able to be seen in the weakest person. Had He chosen to reveal His love through mighty, deserving, perfect men and splendorous angels, surely people would think that it was by something that they did or by the awesomeness of that person that God Almighty would choose to commune in a son-ship relation with them. He did not choose the mighty, He chose you. Lucifer’s splendor was magnificent! So he exalted himself. Then God said I will make man in my own image and they will be my sons and daughters, and I their Father. These frail vessels will reveal how richly merciful, loving, and beautiful I truely am. And you think you are so mighty and wonderful Lucifer? Mightier than Me? I will not only defeat you, I won’t even use my strong armies; I’ll use the weakest, lowliest of vessels to defeat the proud and utterly humiliate you! Isn’t that beautiful!? God is so good. I pray that many come to understand His great plans and how valuable they are to the Father. That He gave His own life for them, He would not withhold anything from them; He loves them so! That those who suffer in this life with Christ, He will glorify as a living, everlasting sign and wonder, a testament of His great mercies and stead-fast love to all generations.

My life is hidden with Christ

For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory.
Colossians 3:3

Salvation is a free gift from Jesus Christ out of the abundance of His mercies! Praise God! Jesus makes it possible for us to connect with God, to approach Him. However, I cannot lie. I have learned that to partake of God’s Glory, it will cost you everything. It is priceless! It’s not for the proud, it’s not for the arrogant, and it’s not for those who are full and content and satisfied as they are.

I often have to correct myself for wondering why my life doesn’t look like others who are being perfected in God. Poor decisions on my part for sure, but your trials are not my trials and mine are not yours. Why do some endure certain tragedies and others don’t? We can’t argue that anyone who endures such hardships are always in sin. I’ve seen some people stolen from who were being disobedient and some who were tried because they were doing something right! I don’t know why, I don’t understand many things. After enduring many things the hard way and doing it God’s way, this I do know for a fact; God’s ways are absolutely excellent, and perfect are all of His ways! It’s true! (Psalm 18:30)

For who can counsel God? Who can God be indebted to that He cannot pay back? What could you give Him that He could not pay back to you or far superseded it’s value? (Romans 11:35)

My life is first found in Christ and it is continually hidden in Him! In the same way that people saw nothing desirable in Jesus while He was on the Earth. They said He is poor, a lowly servant who has no throne; this cannot be our King, our Messiah! He was esteemed as smitten of God and afflicted! How far from the truth!! The reality of the truth that was hidden is that there is no end to His Kingdom and His glory! The increase of His government, authority, and rule has no end. It is eternal and it will continue to establish everlasting.

So the truth is with us if we will lose our life in Him! The world will esteem you as nothing, but the glorious treasures of your eternal reward and of His glory will far superseded anything that you could sacrifice for Christ in this life.

What could you give Almighty God that He would be indebted to you? What could you give Him that He could not pay back FAR more in value than you could imagine? So are God’s true riches, they’re eternal and everlasting. His mysteries and His glory is available to His Saints. They are so valuable! They may cost you you’re life! If so, let it be!! Only the meek, the pure in heart, and the humble can see His face.


Reinhardt Bonnke said that he used to pray everyday, Jesus come and be with me! Finally one morning he woke up and realized he was praying lunacy. Jesus is alive! He is in us and with us; He never leaves us!

I love the POWER [absolute, ultimate authority] that is in the simplicity of the cross. Jesus Christ and Him crucified, that is all the Gospel that we need.

People think that the forgiveness of sins is a motion that we go through. First say this, then pray this, and only believe, and it is done, now walk it out. True, there are steps we take by faith to count it done. TRUE! But what I’m wanting you to see is that when we are forgiven of our sins, it is a miracle! An actual rebirth of our spirit man happens instantly. It is the POWER of God unto salvation! There is no one else who could forgive sins, there is no other way, because only ONE has all authority to loose you from the debt and bondage from sin! Only Jesus died, only Jesus was crucified, ONLY JESUS IS RISEN AND ALIVE TODAY AND FOREVER! He paid the price for the debt of the sin of all mankind, that power to pardon sin is His and His alone!

We have all sinned and needed the power of God through Jesus to be born-again. I simply marvel this morning at that power. The guilt and shame that shackles so many who have made wrong choices! I know that prison, it’s death! The regret that torments the mind of so many people who have been led astray.

Whether you did it by choice or it’s a tragedy that you simply blame yourself for.. sin, regret, guilt and shame is a REAL prison with no way out. There is no escape, not even through death. Jesus Christ is the ONLY one who took back the keys to death, hell and the grave! And He is alive TODAY and forevermore to set anyone free who would simply call on His name!

It’s so on my heart today that many are shackled by the choices they’ve made in the past. People living in utter guilt and shame. Perhaps you did something immoral, a sexual sin. Perhaps you had an abortion, you canceled the life of another and you are bound by its horror. A choice you can never get back. Perhaps you were once in an intimate relationship with the Lord and you’ve completely turned your back on Him. Your so cold now that no matter how much you try, you can’t seem to find your way back. You know why? Because you don’t stumble onto God and come back into a relationship with Him through motions. It’s not a ritual, it is a miracle!!! The power of God instantly and literally transfers your spirit from darkness, over into His light! It is the POWER of God!

I promise you this today; MY JESUS LIVES!!!! To every person reading this; I BREAK every chain of Satan off of your life NOW in the name of Jesus! I LOOSE you and set you completely free today! Be bound by your sin and sin again NO MORE! Enjoy the freedom of heaven, NOW in this life and in the one to come! What a great and terrible price Jesus paid. He is not willing that ONE should stay in bondage or perish, but that ALL would come to the knowledge of Him and have everlasting life!

Receive that for yourself today, it’s free and you can go free. The best decision you could ever make is the one to serve Jesus. Not an ounce of regret will ever touch your mind or heart again. Only the peace and the joy that comes from His presence… Thank you blessed Savior!

If you want to pray the prayer of salvation or rededicate your life to God, I believe that God has set you free, now pray this prayer out loud, “Father, thank you for sending Your only son Jesus to die for me. I believe He died on the cross, rose again, and is coming back again for me. Thank you Jesus for coming into my heart. Wash me and cleanse me in Your blood! Fill me with Your Holy Spirit! I turn my back on sin today and I dedicate my life to you God. Walk with me, talk with me, and use me. Let me never be the same again! Amen.”

Examine Yourselves

Numerous times in the Bible, it says examine or test yourself. (Psalm 119:59, Jeremiah 31:19, lamentations 3:40, Ezekiel 18:27-28, Haggai 1:5-7, 1 Corinthians 11:27-31, 2 Corinthians 13:3-5, Galatians 6:4). Why would this be important? Clearly, our own thoughts and perceptions are not to be trusted! Often we come to a decision or belief about someone else or ourselves, and more likely than not, it is so far from true. This is why we are not worthy to judge others, we can barely judge ourselves clearly. Matthew 7:5 says, hypocrite, first take out the beam from your own eye; and then you can see clearly to take the mote out of your brother’s eye. While yes, we tend to base our opinions off of real circumstances, what is [reality] is only the spiritual things in God, which are not seen! For we are spiritual beings, with a soul, housed in a physical body and moving to what we can see. All we can see are the visible things in the natural; yet this is not who we are. If we then are so blind that we cannot even trust our own thoughts, what then shall we do?

The Bible tells us to do three things:

  1. Examine ourselves
  2. Test ourselves
  3. Train ourselves to think on right things

Examine yourselves to see if you are even in the faith! Wow, we can be so deceived and justified in our own minds that we can believe that we are saved and we are not even in the faith! The way that I like to examine myself everyday, is similar to taking communion. Paul said it’s possible to take communion [symbolic of our faith in Christ] and to do so unworthily. You are unworthy if you take it without judging yourself so to escape chastening from God (1 Corinthians 11:31-32). Similar to taking communion, I proceed in prayer in this manner.

  • I thank God for giving us Jesus Christ, His only son as a sacrifice for our sins.
  • I ask Him to forgive me of anything that I have done knowingly or unknowingly to sin against Him. And I use this opportunity to soberly and honestly look inwardly, does anything in my heart condemn me? [Remember, we are purposefully judging ourselves to keep from deceiving ourselves. It benefits no one if we are dishonest inwardly.] (1 John 3:20-21) If it condemns me, then I deal with it and talk about it with the Lord. How would He have me fix it? Generally it is as simple as confessing our sins to Him and denouncing it, or turning from it.
  • If it does not condemn me or I have dealt with it, then I recieve His forgiveness, joy, peace, goodness, and love. I am refreshed. Now I am free to commune with Him unhindered. I can boldly ask for things in faith and accept His promises, knowing that He hears me and that I am in Him.

This is examining or judging ourselves. But the Bible also says to test yourselves. A test would not be an inward judgement but an outward test. For this I look at works. Often people look at the works of the flesh listed in Galatians and feel great that they can easily cross themselves off that list. Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexualimmorality, uncleanness [homosexuality], sensuality [lusts], idolatry [putting anything before God], sorcery [cursing others], enmity [having enemies], strife [arguments], jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries [comparing ourselves to others], dissensions [associating in clicks], divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Galatians 5:19-21)

But we cannot stop there. To test ourselves would be to see if God’s fruits are manifest in our lives. This is how we know we are connected to the True Vine. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such thingsthere is no law. And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. (Galatians 5:22-24)

Now it is easy to say, I feel love, joy, and peace. But this does not mean it is outwardly working as a fruit in our lives. So what does that look like?

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit will be earmarked by:

  • A Christ-like spirit of love, patience, and faith in God.
  • Soberness and keenness of spiritual sight or vision
  • Deep humility of heart and meekness of spirit. A lion-like courage against sin, sickness, poverty, disease, discouragement, failure, and every other thing that would cause defeat in a Christian life.
  • Absolute clearness of mental faculties in intelligent action to carry out Bible instructions concerning our known duties and personal life as a Christian.
  • Free from fault finding, whispering, or slander to anyone and freedom from works of the flesh.
  • The lack of a condemning and judging spirit, or seeking to hurt anyone by thought, word, or deed. All divine leadings will be for the edification and betterment of all concerned and will be in accordance with the golden rule (Matthew 7:12).
  • Freedom from ignorance from divine will at the moment. When one is moved to act quickly or urgently workout knowing if it will glorify God or not, it would be best to wait and pray until it is clear beyond all doubt. If God is moving a person, it will not insult Him to try the spirit and intelligently judge whether the action is biblical or not, for God commands this judgement on our parts before we act.

When we are given over to walking in the Spirit of God, this is an example of what that looks like. Works of God tend to liberate men from sin and all the works of the devil, or they are for encouragement in what God has done for them. Works of the devil tend to blind, cause sin, discouragement, lack of faith, and failure in life. Just as the devil requires lies in the minds of men to hold them in bandage, so God requires truth in the mind for the true working of the Holy Spirit. Demons will cause a person to be hindered from the truth.

Therefore, these are some common things in the mind to beware of:

  • Neglecting things that cause enlightenment in spiritual warfare
  • Easily fall prey to critisism
  • Pressing cares that keep you occupied from taking time to wage a successful spiritual warfare
  • Forgetting easily things that will give victory over sin (prayer, praying in tongues, praise, worship, the Word, assembly in church)
  • Being discouraged easily when conflict seems to be coming against them
  • Failing to use your authority in Christ through His precious blood, His name, and the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Failure to run to God and resist the devil in conflict
  • Failure to do the whole will of God intelligently as it becomes known as you walk in the light of His Word.

These tips will help you easily notice things that are distracting you from walking in the fullness of the Spirit. Now finally, the third thing the Bible says to do to keep ourselves from deception is to think on the things of heaven, the truth! (Philippians 4:8)

As we think about ourselves in truth, what God says that we are, then we begin to come into agreement with Him. Our lives will begin to line up with what He says we are; for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (proverbs 23:7). Then, when a lie comes to us, telling us that we are something that we aren’t [to rob us of our inheritance] then we can easily judge this thought to be foreign and strange. We will not come into an agreement with a lie, only the truth, for that is all that we meditate on.


Inspirations and recommended reading:

  • the Bible, Dake’s annotated version
  • God’s Plan for Man“, by Finnis Jennings Dake



Blessed Are the Meek

“Blessed [happy] are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth”
Matthew 5:5

Most people view the meek person as weak and timid, like a door mat. Other myths are that it is their ‘personality type’, easy-going. You often hear people say, you have to stand up for yourself! No. This could not be further from the truth. The arrogant man strives to defend himself. This is the way the world survives. Without God, the soul is filled with oppressive anxieties. One is required to provide for themselves, fight for their rights, defend themselves and repay their enemies. And that only speaks of this life, it doesn’t even touch eternal things. What an exhausting and horrible life!

The beauty in the meek is that their power rests in the Almighty; this alone makes them a great force! They are not afraid of anyone by any means. They know their God is with them; they are full of faith that could move the immovable. They willfully lay their power down; they choose to put others first to strive for peace. Notice.. the arrogant man strives for himself, the meek man strives for peace. Man can call them weak because they are only looking for quick results, fast whit, strong words, or a forceful demeanor. But God is not hasty, He is the Righteous Judge.

So what is meekness then? The Bible says it’s power, under control, being buffeted. Moses was described as the meekest man on earth (Numbers 12:3). Jesus said of himself, “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:28). This is a beautiful picture of meekness. A yoke isn’t just a harness that goes around the oxen’s neck to pull a plow. It’s also called a coupling, where you fasten two together around the neck in order to pull a load. You can yoke two together, for example, in a relationship. And Jesus explains, “Come, have a relationship with me. Be yoked together with me, because I am not selfish! I am meek and humble. I will bear the whole load for you! Put your burdens on me! So that you will find rest for your soul.” Oh, how I love Him!

Meekness is further described in 1 Peter 3:4; “Let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is incorruptible, even the beauty of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.” So we know God’s opinion of a meek person is called beautiful and He values it saying, it’s of great price. In this context, meekness is described as being ‘not easily angered’. And a quiet spirit would mean, to be ‘not easily provoked’. Does that sound weak to you? If it was weak then it would be common, and therefore would not be valued by God at a great price. So if it is uncommon and valuable, then what does it take to be meek?

It takes more than just discipline, self-control, and faith to walk in meekness. If so, we would surely faint. As Jesus said, it takes an intimate relationship with Him, the Father, the Creator, the Beginning of all things, the Just Judge of all things, the Holy Lord Almighty! It takes a living revelation, a sober judgment of our own selves. If we feel [true] Godly sorrow for our own sins, can we really feel vengeful for the sins of others? No! When we soberly see who we are without God, then we will live to serve others, friend or foe. For this purpose; to win others to Christ by our conduct and deeds, to live as a servant to all just like Christ, and to deal out love instead of judgment. For we know, whatever manner we judge with, in the same measure, we ourselves will be judged (Matthew 7:2). If you truly and soberly know the judgement you deserve without Christ, then you will be begging to serve others! Knowing that by doing so, you are in essence, dealing out [mercy] or [judgement] to yourself.

Oh what a wonderful God we serve! He not only cleanses us, but He walks with us! He not only restores and protects us, but He does not leave us helpless! He not only clears our past, but like an excellent Father, He also watches over us as a just and righteous judge! As a matter of fact, I feel true sorrow for the man that judges and wars with the meek children of God! Truly! I pray for them! God reserves all vengeance for Himself. I would not want to receive any wrath from Him. For this I know, He watches over His children with a jealous love! This is what the Righteous Judge says concerning those who oppress His children.

Behold, all they that were outraged against you shall be ashamed and confounded: They shall be as nothing; and they that strive with you shall perish. You shall seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with you: They that war against you shall be as nothing, and as a thing that has no value.” (Is 41:11–12)

Meekness is not the absence of power, it is the willful choice to lay your power down before the Lord Almighty, to use your power for others instead of yourself. I find it humorous that God says, the meek shall inherit the Earth. Men in this world strive for their own right, their own will and their own power. But God simply says, lay your power down for Me, and you will not have to work for anything! I’ll give you the whole world as your inheritance. An inheritance is a free gift received from just being a part of the family! If you truly have faith in your Father, then you will do it, and believe that He will do as He promised. Praise You Almighty God!

Dance Like David Danced

“And David danced before the Lord with all his might; and David was dressed in royal priestly robes. So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouting and with the sound of the horn [and played before the Lord all manner of instruments]. As the ark of the Lord came into the city of David, Michal the daughter of Saul looked out of the window and saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, and she despised him in her heart.”
2 Samuel 6:14-16

David’s whole heart longed to have the ark of the covenant, the presence of God, close to him. It was lost and forgotten for years but he found it in Abinadab’s house. As they were transferring it to the city, Uzzah stretched forth his hand to touch the ark because the oxen had shaken it. He died instantly because no one was able to touch it. So David was afraid of the Lord that day saying, “How shall the ark of the Lord come to me?” So David stopped transporting the ark and left it in Obededom’s house. And the Lord blessed his house and everything that pertained to him because the ark dwelled there. When David heard, he again tried to bring the ark into the city. Within the first six paces of moving the ark, about 3 feet, he sacrificed oxen and fatlings to the Lord with gladness. According to custom, this offering would total a little over $2,500. Which is a lot even today. I’m not certain the total value that would be in that day, but I do know, that Judas sold Jesus for a little less than $20. At the time of Christ, that was equal to between 3-5 months living expenses for an average lay person. And King David’s time was about 1000 years before Christ.

When King David entered the city, it was customary for bands of women to go out with music, singing, and dancing to meet their men at their home coming from victory. Michal, his wife who was Saul’s daughter, should have been at the head of the women leading the procession. Instead she watched from her window. When David arrived home to bless his house, Michal addressed him with sarcasm. She said, “How glorious the King of Israel was today who uncovered himself in the eyes of his handmaids, as one of the vain fellows shamelessly uncovers himself!” David did not make himself naked as many believe, he had taken off his royal robes in front of the Lord and put on a servants garment in homage to Jehovah who dwelled between the cherubims.

He responded to Michal, “The Lord chose me over your father, Saul, it was before the Lord that I danced; before all His house that He appointed me ruler over and all His people of Israel: therefore I will play before the Lord. And I will become even more vile than this and abase myself in His sight and before His maidservants, the ones you talk about, that honored me.”

David and Michal’s marriage was never the same after. Is says she bore no more children with David. I don’t know that the Lord made her barren, but because she despised David in her heart on behalf of the Lord, David despised her also. She had 5 other sons from her other husband.

I love David’s heart. He was a type of Christ and therefore the only King that was also a prophet and high priest. He had much to be proud of, but instead he abased himself before the Lord. I have found humility to be the number one, foundational ingredient to even approach the Lord, much less receive any good thing from Him. A humble heart will dance for the Lord because they do not care what man thinks. What God thinks is much more important.

Dancing is also a very powerful act, the hight of an outward expression. The devil always has a counterfeit. We see a type of worldly dancing is best described as a seduction, also known as, to shackle, or ensnare. On the contrary, to dance for the Lord is best described as freedom or victory. We can dance prophetically for freedom and victory, or as an act of praise because we are free and victorious because of our God. Whatever the reason, the Father seeks a people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. Who will yield all of their members to Him and worship Him as if they were literally standing before His throne. Even if we were able to fully praise God with the most excellent words and dance, it would still not be worthy of His Majesty. Therefore, let us humbly give Him everything that we have, and as David said, let us become even more undignified than this.